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Innovation and Technology at the Service of Sustainability
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High Precision Environmental Remediation
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About Finkler Environmental

Consulting, Engineering and Project Development

Since its founding in 2004, developing technologies for the environment and later increasing its portfolio to complete solutions in contaminated areas (2010), Finkler Ambiental has been in constant evolution, following the demands and market trends, and is currently positioned as a consulting and technical-legal advisory firm focused on the management of contaminated areas – GAC and Environmental Compliance.

We provide services with trained and experienced teams, with our own equipment and state-of-the-art technologies in investigation and remediation (pilot, projects, assembly and implementation). We also have laboratory for chemical analysis of a wide variety of organic compounds.

Our success comes from the engagement of about 50 direct employees, and about 30 indirect ones, covering diverse technical trainings in civil, chemical, water, geological, environmental, automation, industrial, law, biology, geology, chemistry, data science engineering. , information technology, occupational safety and administration.

Our board of directors is made up of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in environmental management.

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